Fondue La Welsch

7 cantons in a fondue pot

But how can that be?

It's easy: just pick up some cheese from cheese dairies in the 7 cantons that make up French-speaking Switzerland and stir it, with love!

That's how La Welsch was born! And it's also the first "Romand" product in the whole world!

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La Welsch "Classique"

Welsch "Classique" or "Nature" is a fondue with the scent of peat bogs.

It has a frank, complex character that carries us from one taste to the next, ending on a fresh, floral note.

La Welsch "with blue cheese"

Light and creamy, this fondue is enhanced by a touch of blue cheese. This subtle blend gives off an enchanting fragrance.

C'est une fondue qui plaît tant aux amateurs de bleu qu'aux bouches délicates ainsi qu'aux enfants !

When you say Welsch... means French-speaking Switzerland. Die Welschen - that's what the German-speaking people in Switzerland call the French-speaking people!

This fondue lives up to its name because it's made with cheeses from the 7 cantons that make up Romandie: Valais, Vaud, Fribourg, Neuchâtel, Geneva, Jura and Bern.

Certified cheeses

Regio Garantie - Pays romand, pays gourmand Every cheese used in this fondue is Regio Garantie certified.

All the cheese dairies are listed on the Mon Producteur App, whose creators are also behind the Welsch fondue.


La Welsch fondue recipe


1. Pour the contents of a 400g sachet into the fondue pot.

2. Pour 1.2 dl of white wine or beer over the cheese.

3. Heat over medium heat, stirring until all the cheeses have melted. Stir continuously, without bringing to the boil!


A fruity or slightly sweet wine goes very well with Welsch with blue cheese!

Where can you find Welsch?

Our fondues are back on the shelves of the sales outlets shown on the map below. The red dots indicate that the fondues are available, while the grey dots will be delivered shortly.

In all cases, it's best to contact your favourite point of sale to check that stock is available.

You can also order online using the form below.

Welsch on your shelves?

We're looking for sales outlets all over Switzerland! Do you have a fridge at your point of sale or a vending machine and would like to add an original fondue to your range?

Contact us using the form below!

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